Parag Patel

How Machine Learning and Automation Affect Billing

artificial intelligence

Just as mobile technology and data science made fundamental changes in business, machine learning and artificial intelligence will redefine how daily work is done. Expanding automation will allow businesses to be more efficient, creative and – ultimately – effective.

Parag Patel

Is your business ready for Accounts Receivable Automation?

billing automation

Your company is taking off and you’ve suddenly moved from plucky startup to established business. Everything is going well, but you’re having trouble maintaining a regular cash flow because your accounts receivable operation is slow and inefficient.

Parag Patel

What is a good DSO?

What is a good DSO score

For many accounts receivable departments, Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is one of the primary metrics by which they’re measured. It’s a straightforward and simple metric that answers, “how good are we at getting paid?”