Parag Patel

Top 6 B2B FinTech Trends of 2021

fintech trends

The COVID-19 pandemic created massive uncertainty across all industries, changing everything from how work is done to how products are made. The financial industry was no different. Without a clear future, planning became more of a guessing game, and confidence in markets was shaken.

Parag Patel

How to Perform an Accounts Receivable Analysis

invoiced accounts receivable analysis

A quality accounts receivable operation is constantly looking at how it is performing, using data to determine what is working, what isn’t working, and why. A deep analysis of A/R will unveil efficiencies that may not be obvious and allow your business to do more without adding resources.

Parag Patel

Is accounts receivable considered an asset or a liability?

There are different theories on what exactly accounts receivable should be considered on a balance sheet. Most consider it an asset and something that can be leveraged against. However, anyone that has spent hours chasing payments may view it as a liability filled with uncertainty.