Parag Patel

6 Key Considerations for Scaling Accounts Receivable Management


Scaling a business comes with any number of challenges, in all parts of your operation. Everything from supply chains to human resources to product development have to be more efficient and effective to keep up with an increased demand. 

Jared King

A/R Metrics That Matter


How accounts receivable operates has evolved greatly, but how success is measured has remained fairly static. There are dozens of metrics that can be tracked that can give you a full picture of your business performance, but some are a little more important than others.

Jared King

Trends in Electronic Billing - What the Future Holds


Over the past 10 years, electronic invoicing has moved from luxury to a near requirement for e-commerce companies to grow. Features like customer payment portals, recurring billing and alternative payment options have made it far easier for customers to pay and businesses to get paid. What was once a nuisance has become easy.