Jared King

An Eventful Week at Invoiced

Amid the calm pace of social isolation, sprinkled with Zoom meetings, it's been quite a week at Invoiced. And not just because the current crisis has intensified the urgency of automating A/R and other financial operations. We've also been ever present in news and accounting/payments/finance community this week. Here's a roundup in case you missed it:

Jared King

Accounts Receivable Pros Get Their Own Day on May 19th

Here at Invoiced, we are singularly focused on reducing the effort and time it takes for businesses to get paid. For that reason we have a unique vantage point and view into all of the tasks, workstreams, pitfalls and frustrations that go into the art and science of A/R. For many people who work in A/R, billing or collections, the work is often challenging and seldom recognized internally (let.

Earth Class Mail

Partner Post: The 3 Best Ways to Improve Business Productivity

The following is guest post from new Invoiced partner Earth Class Mail. We've teamed up to provide a cutting edge virtual lockbox solution that gets your checks opened, scanned deposited and presented right within Invoiced. Read more about the news here.