Jared King

Why More Automation Means Better Jobs, Not Less Jobs


There has been an endless number of articles and blog posts written about the coming wave of automation. Whether it’s about the economic gains the world stands to achieve, the displacement of workers or a state of singularity achieved by runaway artificial intelligence, you can pick from countless flavors of theoretical outcomes portended by teaching machines to do things that people normally.

Jared King

Accounts Receivable Pros Get Their Own Day on March 7th.

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Here at Invoiced, we wake up every day to reduce the effort and time it takes for businesses to get paid on outstanding sales. For that reason we have an extraordinarily close-up view and appreciation for all of the tasks, workstreams, pitfalls and frustrations that go into the art and science of A/R. For many people who work in A/R, billing or collections, the work is often challenging and.

Parag Patel

8 Great Accounting Blogs and Podcasts for the A/R Obsessed


If you’re like us, you probably care a lot about billing and collections. Here at Invoiced, nothing gets us more excited than figuring out new and creative ways to go from order to cash. Tell us a story about going from receivable to received and we’ll owe you a debt of gratitude.