Earth Class Mail

Partner Post: The 3 Best Ways to Improve Business Productivity

The following is guest post from new Invoiced partner Earth Class Mail. We've teamed up to provide a cutting edge virtual lockbox solution that gets your checks opened, scanned deposited and presented right within Invoiced. Read more about the news here.

Jared King

Why Accounts Receivable Turnover is Important for Your Business

The Accounts Receivable Turnover (ART) ratio, also known as the debtor’s turnover ratio measures how efficiently a company is collecting revenue. Stretched further, it measures how efficiently a company is using its assets. 

Parag Patel

Past Due Invoice Emails That Work

past due email

In a perfect world, all invoices would be paid promptly and on time, but of course that’s not true. The reality is that business owners are often left to chase after accounts and the money that they’re owed.