Parag Patel

How to Make the Business Case for Accounts Receivable Automation


If, like many of today’s accounting and finance leaders, you’re looking at modernizing your accounts receivable operations, you probably already realize that committing to and investing in that objective takes some buy-in from other stakeholders. One of the most important and toughest stakeholders is of course your own boss, whether she's a CFO, CEO or another position. Whatever role she occupies.

Parag Patel

Dealing With Xero Small Business Accounting Invoice Limits


Invoicing in Xero is a pretty straightforward affair. Over the last year or so the company has been providing rolling updates to its invoicing experience. It’s now a more streamlined part of Xero’s solution that’s meant to help users get straight to the point with billing and collecting.

Jared King

Why More Automation Means Better Jobs, Not Less Jobs


There has been an endless number of articles and blog posts written about the coming wave of automation. Whether it’s about the economic gains the world stands to achieve, the displacement of workers or a state of singularity achieved by runaway artificial intelligence, you can pick from countless flavors of theoretical outcomes portended by teaching machines to do things that people normally.