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How and Why to Improve Your A/R Process | Invoiced

Business owners understand that cash is king and what having a regular cash flow means, from capital improvements to debt management. This is of course dependent on having an effective accounts receivable operation, which makes optimizing it critical to success.

Parag Patel

Why and How to Register a .CPA Domain

If you're a public accountant or part of an accounting firm, you may be aware that a new corner of the internet is about to be opened for the accounting profession. The .CPA top level domain will soon be available for you to register. That means you'll have the opportunity to secure and use for your website, email addresses and other digital touchpoints. But look out! Because the.

Parag Patel

Does your business have a good liquidity ratio?

Liquidity ratio

The health of a business can be measured in numerous ways, from pre-tax profit margin to accounts receivable turnover. To measure the immediate health of a business, however, you should look to how well a company is able to meet debt obligations.