Jared King

4 Trends Leveling Up Accounts Receivable Departments in 2022

If 2021 was about recovery, (we hope) 2022 will be about continued reimagining. The COVID-19 pandemic forced businesses to rethink how they approached large parts of their operations. The digital transformation sped up and automation became more commonplace. In 2021, industry emerged from the lowest parts of the pandemic and in 2022 the changes that were initially thought to be temporary, will.

Parag Patel

Top 6 B2B FinTech Trends of 2021

fintech trends

The COVID-19 pandemic created massive uncertainty across all industries, changing everything from how work is done to how products are made. The financial industry was no different. Without a clear future, planning became more of a guessing game, and confidence in markets was shaken.

Parag Patel

Why and How to Register a .CPA Domain

If you're a public accountant or part of an accounting firm, you may be aware that a new corner of the internet is about to be opened for the accounting profession. The .CPA top level domain will soon be available for you to register. That means you'll have the opportunity to secure and use YOURCOMPANY.cpa for your website, email addresses and other digital touchpoints. But look out! Because the.